WP_20150922_003These are my Tonner dolls. The first two from the left are Madame Alexander.  Two Gene Marshall , in the pink box, Alice Cullen from Twilight.  Next in line is another Gene, I believe her title is Breathless.  In the yellow box is Tyler Wentworth.  Sitting down in front of Tyler is another Madame Alexander and the other doll sitting is also a Gene, whose hair I brushed out and it looks gorgeous!

I will soon be changing their outfits to Fall and Winter attire, some of which I have sewn for them.

I had three more dolls of this type that I gave away as gifts, and one that I sold but I regret selling her.  Therefore I look forward to finding and buying more of these dolls as I am able. I would love to get some of the guys, Matt, Trent and some of the others and try my  hand at making suits and casual wear for them.

I sew all.most entirely by hand, as it’s easier to control. I was sewing doll dresses like crazy for awhile but caught the cross stitch bug for a bit.

This weekend I am planning to.cut out a Halloween dress pattern for one of my 18 inch Amy Elise.dolls.  When I finish it I will post the picture.


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