Monthly Archives: October 2015

New doll!

FOT23F9This is my new doll I purchased this weekend at the doll show.  She is ‘Evening Elegance’  by Susan Wakeen.   I was not aware of this line prior to the show but I am happy to have discovered it.

She is similar to Tonner dolls but has a simplistic, touching beauty.  I look forward to further research on this line of dolls.  I love her aura of refinement and serenity!


Yay! I was able to add to my Strawberry Shortcake collection.  I found a bag of ten strawberry dolls at the thrift store last weekend.  Also, there just happened a bag of their clothes hanging next to.them!  Together the two bags only cost me $7!!!  They did need a lot of cleaning up, but as you can see in  the  picture they turned out great. Most of them are from  American Greetings, 1979. They still need some shoes but I am quite pleased to have come this far for so little money.

I plan to keep collecting them, and if I end up with duplicates they will go into my box of dolls I collect to give away every Christmas.😃WP_20150928_005